What is Gastric Balloon?

The Intra-gastric balloon is a non-surgical intervention to assist in weight loss.

A soft, round, inflatable balloon made of medical-grade silicon is placed inside the stomach via a gastroscope (camera) that enters through the mouth. Once inserted into the stomach, the empty balloon is filled with sterilised saline and can be kept in place for 6-12 months, depending on the type of balloon used.

How is the Gastric Balloon implanted?

Placement of the intragastric balloon takes approximately 20 minutes and is performed under sedation by a team of qualified gastroenterologists. Because the balloon is inserted and removed in a day clinic and does not involve surgery, it is considered to be a minimally invasive procedure. The gastric balloon is also completely reversible, and is removed from the stomach (after 6-12 months in place) in the same way it was placed (via gastroscopy).

How does the Gastric Balloon work?

Gastric balloons are very effective at reducing appetite and improving feelings of fullness (or satiety) after eating. They should be regarded as effective training wheels – they are temporary devices to help kick start your weight loss and institute long lasting dietary and lifestyle change.

The intragastric balloon is most effective when combined with a comprehensive lifestyle programme delivered by your doctor and specialist dietitian, behavioural and exercise professionals.

How much weight can I lose?

The amount of weight loss to be expected is specific to each device; but in general, most gastric balloons will achieve 12-20% Total Body Weight Loss on average ( for example a 100kg person could expect to lose about 12-20 kg).

Our Clinic team offer the gastric balloon in conjunction with our medically supervised program, incorporating regular, ongoing consultations with our specialist doctors, nurses, dietitians and behavioural psychologists, to ensure maximum results during the balloon placement, and maintenance of weight once the balloon is removed.

Diet after Gastric Balloon surgery

Until the treatment period is complete patient is supposed to follow special diet after the operation. After inserting the gastric balloon, diet will depend on drinking liquids only for the first three days, and then the patient will start to eat soft foods, until the tenth day in the post-operation phase, then the patient can go on an usual diet again.

Also, this diet will allow the patient’s body to adapt to the balloon, prevent dehydration, and maintain your energy levels.

Complications after Gastric Balloon procedure

The gastric balloon is one of the non-invasive intervention to loose weight, but some potential complications and side effects may appear, and these complications include the following:

  • Feeling of imbalance
  • A heavy feeling in the abdomen
  • Abdominal or back pain
  • Acid reflux or indigestion
  • Balloon rupture
  • Injury during balloon insertion or removal

Gastric Balloon removal

After sufficient time of the gastric balloon, and getting rid of the patient’s excess weight, the stage of removing the gastric balloon comes, it is usually removed 6 months to 1 year after the procedure. Gastric baloon is removed by using an endoscope through an endoscopy prosedure. The balloon is deflated and held and removed with a handle, to be passed down a tube, and taken out through the mouth. The patient may take a sedative pill or a mild anesthetic before the gastric balloon is removed.


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