Masseter Botox is mainly used to reduce grinding or clenching of the teeth, but also it is an aesthetic procedure in which the lower part of the face, where the masseter muscle is located, is thinned. Grinding or clenching teeth damages the soft teeth tissues and in long term this habit changes the shape of your jaw and give it a square shape.

Massetter Botox is used for the treatment of deformities in the lower part of the face. A more proportional face shape is obtained by reducing the square face which causes a masculine and hard appearance on the face. If the masseter muscle appearance is widely explicit, it can cause discomfort not only aesthetically but also physically. For this reason, this procedure is also applied in some cases to offer treatment both in shape and function.

The ideal jaw shape varies greatly between women and men. For men the square face shape gives a strong expression, while for women, the thin face shape provides a softer and aesthetic appearance. Especially women with a round or square type face receive Masseter Botox to have a softer and more attractive appearance.


The masseter muscle is a facial muscle that plays a major role in chewing of solid foods. The muscle is shaped similar to a parallelogram, connecting to the mandible (lower jawbone) and the cheekbone.


  • Non-surgical Botox treatment
  • No anesthesia
  • Faster healing process
  • Scalpel-free
  • Painless
  • Zero swelling and suture
  • Extinguish bruxism and grinding
  • Reduce tightness
  • Prevent teeth clenching
  • Tolerable treatment
  • Excellent appearance


  • The muscles which are responsible for our teeth to close swell when they work intensively
  • Clenching can cause painful contractions
  • Thickening in the cheeks and temporal bones
  • Damages the soft tissues of jaw
  • Our jaw joint used while eating during the day works longer by squeezing teeth during sleep
  • Causes structural disorders
  • Damages the building blocks around the joints
  • Loss of tooth enamel
  • Increased tooth sensitivity and flattening of teeth
  • Cracking


Botox injection is made to the certain points of the chewing muscle (masseter muscle) located in the lower part of the cheek to eliminate stress and excessive chewing force in the muscle, provide a relief to the muscle, extinguish the problem of grinding teeth at night, tighten teeth. Application is done in a short time about 15-20 minutes. Because the duration of Botox continues 4-6 months averagely, repeat doses can be performed after 6 months for patients who continue to complain.


How often can you get Masseter Botox?

It is possible to get these injections every four to six months, about 30 units in each masseter muscle.

How long does Botox last in masseter?

Facial slimming by botox injection often lasts for 3 to 6 months, after that masseter muscles begin to regain size.

Can masseter Botox permanent?

Botox itself wears off after a while, meaning this is not a permanent procedure. However, over time with regular treatments, you may prolong the period.

How many units of Botox does it take to reduce a masseter?

The dose should be decided by the our dentist based on the strength of your masseter muscle immediately prior to injection. Of course, it will differ from person to person, but typically the average necessary consumption for most patients is 25 units per side, with a great variation based on the size of the muscle but again it may vary from person to person.

Does Botox in masseter hurt?

Mostly it is reported as 3/10 on the pain scale.

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